Rosette Nebula Narrowband

Rosette Nebula Narrowband



SII = Red; H-a = Green; OIII = Blue

First light with color for the Apogee U16M. FOV is ~4 x 4 deg. 3.55"/pixel taken at -25C with ambient at +12C with 71% power.   Half moon up. City location. 6 nm Astrodon H-a, OIII and SII 50 mm dia filters.

Here is some additional information on the U16M.
At -25C, the average ADU for a bias frame is 1332.  The average ADU in the same region for a 20 minute dark is 1338 for a net difference of 6 ADU.  The range of read noise from Kodak for these CCDs is stated from 7-9 e-.  This camera is listed at 9e-.  The gain is 1.2.e-/count.  The dark current at -22C is 0.04 e-/pixel/sec.  The USB2 download time is ~16 sec.  There are no column defects (Kodak specifies up to 4 with no two closer than 20 pixels).  Thus, nearly all astronomical images will not be read-noise limited.  In fact, the 6 ADU difference suggests that running the camera warmer will not impair S/N, which will be an advantage in hotter climates. Operating warmer will help with any residual image leftover from the lights in these full-frame Kodak CCDs.  In short, this is a very quiet camera.

Image Date: 01/27/2007
Details: Exposure Time: 4 hrs; 4x20min H-a, OIII, SII
Camera: Apogee  U16M
Telescope: Takahashi  FSQ106N
Mount: Software Bisque  Paramount ME

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