PTB32 Planetary Nebula

PTB32 Planetary Nebula

Recently Discovered PNe in Sagittarius

Constellation: Sagittarius
Ra: 18hr 45m 09s
Dec: -23d 21m 41s
Distance: 14,500 light years
Image Size: 15.5' x 15.5'
North: Up, East Left



PTB32 is a small 2.4′ x 2.0′ recently discovered planetary nebula in the constellation of Sagittarius. It is incredibly faint even after collecting 17 hours of narrowband data with a 0.5 m telescope. This appears to be the first color image of the object. Frew et al (2015, Table A) indicated a distance of ~14,500 light years. The catalog name of PTB remains a mystery. P. Boumis et al. published several articles entitled “OIII Survey of Planetary Nebula in the Galactic Bulge” in MNRAS. Part I was published in 2003 and listed PTB1-25, and Part II was published in 2006 (MNRAS, 367, pp. 1551-1561) and listed PTB26-44. The authors email was listed as ptb@……. So, it is my assumption (possibly incorrect) that these objects were discovered from this OIII survey and that PTB refers to the lead author’s initials. I can find no other reference to a catalog of PTB planetary nebula. The 2006 article presented spectroscopic analyses showing PTB32 to exhibit strong signals from OIII, H-a and N[II]. As a result, 9.5 hrs of 30 min. exposures using a 5 nm H-a filter (H-a + N[II]) and 7.5 hrs using a 3 nm OIII filter were taken. An additional 1.5 hrs were collected for RGB star colors. The bright northern rim could suggest that PTB32 is interacting with the interstellar medium.

Exposure: 18.5 hrs total; 9.5 hrs H-a, 7.5 hrs OIII, 1.5 hrs RGB
Telescope: PlaneWave CDK20 0.5m f/6.8
Mount: PlaneWave Ascension A200h
Oag: Astrodon MonsterMOAG
Acquisition: ACP-8 Expert
Calibration: CCDStack v2
Observatory Site:, Siding Spring, NSW, Australia
Camera: SBIG STX16803
Filters: Astrodon 5 nm H-a, 3 nm OIII, E-Series RGB
Guider: SX Lodestar
Camera Operation: MaximDL 5.24
Processing: Photoshop CC 2018
Image Date: 06/07/2018 - 06/20/2018

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  1. Sakib

    Wow this is a faint one and another planetary nebula first for you and I guess the world. Also another PN naming mystery to solve???


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