NGC7094 in Pegasus

NGC7094 in Pegasus



NGC7094 is a mag 13.6 planetary nebula in Pegasus near M15 with an apparent diameter of 1.6 arcmin. It appears roughly circular with a filamentary structure. and was discovered in 1884 by Lewis Swift. The central star is a "hybrid" PG1159 star with significant hyrdogen in its photosphere.
There are numerous faint background galaxies in the vicinity of NGC7094. Also, there is very faint background nebulosity pervading this region.

Image Date: 08/19/2007
Details: Exposure Time: 5.25 hrs; 2.75 hrs Lum, 2.5hrs RGB
Camera: SBIG  STL11000
Telescope: RC Optical  16" f/8.9 Ritchey-Chretien
Mount: Software Bisque  Paramount ME

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