NGC7008 Fetus Nebula

NGC7008 Fetus Nebula



APOD August 25, 2008 in collaboration with Dietmar Hagar

Astrodon 3 nm H-a and OIII narrowband filters and Generation 2 RGB Tru-Balance filters.
NGC 7008, the Fetus Nebula is a planetary nebula in Cygnus located 2800 light years distant. This is a cropped image that is 12 arcmin square. The narrowband filters, in particular the OIII filter, brings out additional filamentary detail not commonly seen with RGB filters.

Image Date: 07/18/2008
Details: Exposure Time: 6.25 hrs Total: 3 hrs H-a, 2.5 hrs OIII, 42 min RGB
Camera: Apogee  U16M
Telescope: RC Optical  16" f/8.9 Ritchey-Chretien
Mount: Software Bisque  Paramount ME

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