NGC 2174

NGC 2174

Monkey Head Nebula

Constellation: Orion
Ra: 06h 09m 42s
Dec: +20d 30m
Distance: 6,400 light years
Image Size: 35' x 35'
North: Up



NGC 2174, The Monkey Head Nebula, is an emission nebula 6400 light years distant in Orion. It is assocated with the open star cluster NGC 2175 and is about 2 degress southwest of IC 443, the Jellyfish Nebula. NGC 2174 is a very bright object that fills the 35′ x 35′ frame. North is up. This tricolor narrowband image was color mapped using the Hubble Color Palette where B = OIII, G = H-a and R = SII. Additional color data from RGB filters were added.

Exposure: 13.5 hrs Total: 10.5 hrs H-a, SII, OIII; 3 hrs RGB
Telescope: RCOS 16
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME
Oag: Astrodon MonsterMOAG
Acquisition: CCD AutoPilot4
Calibration: CCDStack2
Observatory Site: Sierra-Remote Observatories, Shaver Lake, CA
Camera: Apogee U16M
Filters: Astrodon 3nm OIII, H-a, SII, Gen 2 RGB
Guider: SBIG ST-402
Camera Operation: MaximDL4.62
Processing: Photoshop CS3
Image Date: 11/25/2009

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