M33 with H-a

M33 with H-a



This is an LRGB image with NIR-blocked luminace and 6 nm Astrodon H-a data blended into the red color channel and the luminance to enhance the HII regions.
The image below is 1.25 hrs of H-a with a little wider field-of-view taken from my 12.5" RC in my backyard showing some of the detail in the HII regions.  These regions actually have interesting shapes and structures including swirls and tendrils.

Image Date: 09/19/2006
Details: Exposure Time: 7.5 hrs; 2.5 hrs Lum; 1 hr H-a; 1.5 hrs R,B; 1 hr G
Camera: SBIG  STL11000
Telescope: RC Optical  Carbon 16 inch f/8.4 Ritchey-Chretien
Mount: Software Bisque  Paramount ME

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