M106 (NGC4258) is a large (18.2′), bright (mag 8.3) spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici at RA 12h 18m 58s and DEC +47d 18m 14s that is 22-25 million light years distant. It is suspected of having a supermassive black hole that generates X-Rays and unusal emission lines and has been categorized as a Seyfert II galaxy. The companion galaxy to the right of M106 is NGC 4248 and UGC 7356 is below. The field is ~40’x40′ and North is up.
Data were taken automatically with CCDAutoPilot4 running Maxim4.62 and off-axis guided with an Astrodon MonsterMOAG and SBIG ST-402 guide camera. Astrodon Gen 2 LRGB filters were used. Data were calibrated, aligned and initially processed in CCDStack. Final processing was done in Photoshop CS3.

Image Date: 03/31/2009
Details: Exposure Time: 10.25 hrs Total: 3 hrs Lum, 1.75 hrs each R,G,B, 2 hrs H-a
Camera: Apogee  U16M
Telescope: RC Optical  16" f/8.9 Ritchey-Chretien
Mount: Software Bisque  Paramount ME

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