Cha II Dark Cloud

Cha II Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud Complex in Chamaeleon

Constellation: Chamaeleon
Ra: 12h 55m 03s
Dec: -77d 01m 36s
Distance: 550 light years
Image Size: 35' x 35'
North: Up and Right; East Up and Left



NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, August 2, 2019

Cha II is one of the three large dark cloud structures in the southern constellation of Chamaeleon about 550 light years distant, and represents an area of new star formation. These structures are one of the closest dark cloud structures to our Sun. You can see that the dark clouds extinguish most of the light from the stars within and behind them. Cha II is considered to contain about 1500 – 2000 solar masses of material. Bright, pinkish objects near the center of the image are Herbig-Haro Objects (HH54). Their shape and color are characteristic of glowing hydrogen gas shocked by jets streaming away from newborn stars. All in all, the colorful stars peering through the dark clouds make for an intriguing astrophotograph.

Exposure: 5.25 hrs RGB
Telescope: PlaneWave CDK20, 0.5 m f/6.8 0.54 arcsec/pix
Mount: PlaneWave Ascension 200h
Oag: Astrodon MonsterMOAG
Acquisition: ACP-Expert
Calibration: CCDStack2
Observatory Site: iTelescope, Siding Spring, NSW, Australia
Camera: SBIG STX 16803
Filters: Astrodon Gen 2 RGB E-Series
Guider: Starlight Xpress Lodestar
Camera Operation: Maxim 5.24
Processing: Photoshop CC 2019
Image Date: 07/02/2019 - 07/03/2019


  1. Josep Drudis

    Great image! Beautiful composition! Is that black speck, just right of HH54, a Bok globule?

  2. Sakib

    Very ominous and mysterious…….


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