Austria 2015

A Mix of Astronomy and Culture




  1. Bob Hubbell

    Hi again, Don,

    Good photography. Would you believe, I was stationed in Salzburg in 1953-4-5? I was a radio operator (Morse code) Our radio station, taken over from the Austrians, was on that same hill that the castle is on! I was a nineteen-year-old philistine but I soaked in all the culture and history that I could. I was a camera nut then, too. Bought a Voitlander Prominent, a very nice camera that I used for years. Couldn’t afford a Leica on private’s pay. Thanks for the pictures. Sigh. I’d love to go back.


    • astrodon

      Thanks, Bob, I have a few creative slides in there, as well as alot of cathedral ceilings. The navigation will be improved. Too much clicking. Also, shortly you will be able to zoom into the images. Work in progress.


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