Elephant’s Trunk Nebula

Elephant’s Trunk Nebula

In IC 1396

Constellation: Cepheus
Ra: 21h 39m 6s
Dec: +57d 30m
Distance: 3,000 light years
North: Down



The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula (IC 1396A) is a 20 light-year long, dark globule within the emission nebula IC1396 about 3,000 light years distant in the constellation of Cepheus. The globule is a location of new star formation due to the presence of dense dust and the compression of gas from wind from the massive, hot O-type stars to the right. Many of these young stars and protostars within the globule were detected in infrared images and are not seen at visible wavelengths.

These data were taken at home in mag 4.5 skies. The 5.4 mic. pixels in the U8300 resulted in a plate scale of 2.1"/pixel.

Exposure: 11.5 hrs Total: 3 hrs H-a, 4 hrs OIII, SII, 0.5 hrs RGB
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-ED refractor
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME
Oag: Astrodon MonsterMOAG
Acquisition: CCD AutoPilot4
Calibration: CCDStack2
Observatory Site: Sacramento, CA (backyard)
Camera: Apogee U8300
Filters: Astrodon 3nm OIII, H-a, Gen 2 RGB
Guider: Starlight Express LodeStar
Camera Operation: MaximDL5.08
Processing: Photoshop CS3
Image Date: 06/29/2009

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